Introducing Mid Teen Crisis: A Podcast

I’ve joined forces with two friends, Emily and Tilly, to produce the Mid Teen Crisis Podcast. This is a passion project, combing our various interests – Media Production, audio, the social sciences (to name but a few). In the podcast, we talk about everything that teenagers go through in their lives, bit by bit. This could be talking about education choices, such as what to do at college or university, or talking about mental health struggles, or relationships. We try our best to keep it as light-hearted – and not cringy – as possible!

It’s mine, Emily and Tilly’s joint aim that the podcast helps the listeners – teenagers – realise that you’re not alone; your situation is not unique. Being a teenager is hard, everyone knows that. We recognised that growing up can often feel like an incredibly isolating thing. But, the hope with Mid Teen Crisis is that everyone understands that there is always someone that can relate to your situation, and that there is always someone who understands the pressures you’re feeling, the challenges you’re facing, and how hard everything can feel.

You can listen to the podcast on most major streaming services, including Spotify.

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