My Favourite Things

Team Leadership

There's nothing I enjoy more than the challenge of leadership; working with a team people, managing tasks and deadlines to achieve great end results.

Project Management – Seeing Results

My favourite part about projects, tasks and challenges is seeing the end result. I especially like that when I can see that it's had a positive impact on someone.

Criminology & the Social Sciences

Outside of technology, I'm passionate about understanding why people do what they do, especially in Crime. I'm an advocate for Restorative Justice - allowing the offender to truly understand the impact of their crimes on the victim.

Digital Media

Be it producing social media content, videos, podcasts, or writing blogs and articles, I love creating digital media products and seeing them be enjoyed by you, the audience.

Web Design and Development

For me, designing and building websites brings the perfect blend of technology, media and creativity. From establishing the needs of the client, to designing the site and programming it; I love it all.

AV & Live Events

I really enjoy AV and being in a live event scenario. I work with several drama groups and bands as their sound and/or lighting technician, including recently being the Technical Director for a pantomime.
Oh yes I was!

Get in Touch

If you like what you've seen here, and you want to have a chat about it, I'd love to hear from you!